Core Community Values

InitHub is a private, self-regulating collaboration network with the goal of bringing ideas and innovations to life. With InitHub users can sponsor new Initiatives and/or contribute to existing Initiatives, forming key relationships and mastermind teams to help refine, develop and grow ideas and innovations.  For InitHub to thrive as a community and successfully bring ideas to life, it is necessary to establish a set of Core Community Values that all registered users agree to adhere to.  And the community must be involved with creating and evolving these Core Values.

This post is intended as starting point. Please add your comments and suggestions below. Help us define the Core Values that you think will create a strong framework where ideas can thrive and grow.

Proposed Core Community Values:

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Constructive Action
  • Confidentiality
  • Non-compete
  • Diversity


Do not knowingly deceive the community or withhold facts the could be useful. When rating users, it is important to the community that the rating is based on our shared Core Values. Do not give poor ratings based on honest disagreements and/or difference of opinions. As long as the Core Community Values are honored, a user has earned a respectable rating.


Treat all community members with dignity and respect, even when you disagree with their views.

Constructive Action

Taking action is another key value. Without action ideas will not come to life. Taking constructive, positive action turns an idea or innovation into a Initiative, a term we use often at InitHub. Both the Sponsor and Service Provider/Contributor need to take constructive action to advance an idea and help bring it to life.


Begin with the assumption that all Initiatives are confidential. Keep the ideas and discussions within the group of contributors. If all goes well with an Initiative, there certainly may come a time to promote the Initiative outside the network, however wait until the team agrees to “go public”, until then assume the Initiative is strictly confidential.


If you have something that may enhance or improve on an existing Initiative, raise it to the team. Advocate for your suggestion to be incorporated. Do not compete with an existing idea, but work to improve the idea.


Diverse viewpoints should be encouraged and welcome. Expanding our views can help expand our ideas and initiatives.


Please help us further refine our values by commenting below. Once the first iteration of our Core Values are finalized they will be incorporated into our Term of Service.

Building InitHub

I have been working steadily to build InitHub, and good progress has been made. I am more convinced now that a platform can be created that will enable a community to come together with the common goal of bringing ideas and innovations to life. Thanks to all that have contributed to this initiative with candid feedback, encouragement and ideas! I have received awesome suggestions and feedback that I will be incorporating into the system.

I also have some folks testing the system and we are actively finding and fixing issues. We are on track to open the system to a limited set of users who have requested access in the mid 2013 timeframe. At this point, we have a set of key features that we believe will create this Collaborative Innovation Network, including:

  • Create, refine and publish ideas to our community of registered users
  • Define key milestones
  • Request the services that you need to advance your idea
  • Connect with service providers/contributors
  • Offer your services to advance existing ideas
  • Rate and comment on ideas
  • Rate and comment on users that you have worked with
  • Collaborate with your connections
  • Begin to build a team of stakeholders that can help you bring your idea to life
  • Browse and search for interesting ideas
  • Get involved with an idea at a early stage of development

Have any suggestions or feedback? Please comment and help us build a platform that will help turn ideas into reality!

Creating a Collaborative Innovation Platform

I have been researching innovation networks and the challenges of launching a new venture. I’m interested in this subject because I’ve been considering launching a business of my own, and with my experience in this area I know how difficult this can be. I started my career as an entrepreneur, running a restaurant for seven years, launching a business to design web sites, and developing a web-based personal information manager called cyberPIM. However, for the last 12 years I have been working for others as a software engineer and manager. Over those 12 years I have learned much about developing software, and so more recently I have been looking to create a software product of my own that would be useful to the world. When I read The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley by Victor W. Hwang and Greg Horowitt, I started wondering if it would be possible to create a trusted community dedicated to bringing innovations to life. A crowdsourcing social network for launching new ventures. As I thought about this more, I started to believe it was indeed possible, so I began to develop InitHub as Collaborative Innovation Platform. It has been challenging, and I’m still working out some of the functionality, but I have written quite a bit of code already. I’m hoping to begin promoting and accepting invitation requests in the summer of 2013. I’ll be updating this blog with my progress and go into more detail related to features in the weeks ahead. Please feel free to comment with any suggestions and/or feedback.